Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Drive

A nice day for another Sunday Drive. Today we took the Wongan to Cadoux Road. It would be easy to just drive quickly by and not notice anything, but there is always something to photograph when you travel a new road. I also found another country mural to share for Monday Mural.

Hakea and Pink Pokers are starting to flower along Airport Road in Wongan Hills

A call of "stop the car, go back" when I spotted this old relic in a paddock

This little Robin Red Breast stayed put long enough for me to get a photo of it

A contrast to the dry paddocks, one side of the road green, one grey.

Beautiful gum trees line the road

More relics of days gone by

This welcome sign was in the toilets. Unfortunately the store was not open for us to claim our free drink. Nice touch though. Nothing is open on a Sunday in many small country towns.

The rec centre is the hub of many a country town. Bingo, I have just found an entry to link with Monday Mural.

After devouring our packed lunch of roast beef rolls, coffee and oat  slice we made our way home . 

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Fridays Fences

I am a bit late this week but here is my submission for Fridays Fences. This one follows on from a post last week of our towns theme, Tracks, Trails and Tractors. This machinery business sits at the bottom end of my street. Some serious dollars sitting in this yard behind this nondescript fence.. They have been turning them over, so business must be going strong.

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Thursday's Thought

Photos taken at Hyden WA.  They are part of a sculpture display depicting Hyden's heritage.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bush Burn Off

Some weeks ago we were warned that the fire brigade would be burning an area of bush adjacent to our property. The idea of this is to help regenerate the bush and induce some rare native trees to open their seed pods to assist with germination. No date was given, just a time frame. It all depended on the winds and weather. After having had no rain at all for the past month, today was chosen for the burnoff. Guess what? Last night it rained. The bush was damp and very little wind was blowing. An army of trucks arrived this morning for the burnoff with about a dozen or more men and the police supervising the road. They did manage to get the bush alight around the edges but then you can guess what happened after that can't you. Yes it rained and put the fires out. Oh well, better luck next time guys.

Ruby Tuesday

The first of my camellia buds are starting to open. I can't wait to see the tree in full flower. Even though it has been neglected before we moved in it is still has a profusion of buds.

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Tracks, Trails and Tractors

This mural is the theme for our town, Wongan Hills. The paintwork is now somewhat faded but the message lives on. In between the murals are two poems being told of the towns history , relating to past and present. The mural is found on the temporary home of the Tourist Centre which is run entirely by volunteers. A new community centre is being built near the railway line and should be open next year, thereby housing the Tourist Centre.

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Monday Mellow Yellows

A late flowering deep yellow to orange rose is adding a bit of colour to my front garden. It will soon be time to prune, so in the  meantime I am enjoying it's display.
This bed of yellow roses is outside our temporary  local tourist centre. They have been flowering non stop ever since I moved here 3 months ago. I can't wait to see them in the spring when they will be at their best
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Friday, 21 June 2013

Fridays Fences

Wire netting fence is protecting the sand dunes at Coogee Beach near Fremantle in Western Australia. Usually it is the seagulls sitting on the fence but this particular day it was a cheeky pink and grey galah. The lady sitting on the sand doesn't know that she is part of Fridays Fences. 
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Monday, 17 June 2013

Monday Mural

Todays mural comes from Goomalling, a small country town about 150 klm north east of Perth. The theme speaks for itself

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Sunday Drive

A beautiful day here today so we made the most of it by taking a drive in the country. Took along a sandwich and coffee in the thermos as there are definetly no shops or cafes out here. Our drive took us through farmland and around Lake Hinds.
Please click on photos to enlarge them
Reflections on the lake

Not much water in parts

Colour starting to appear on the roadside


Gravel road, green pastures, yellow sand and blue sky

A windmill or two or three

These sheep started to run away as we stopped the car, but then did an about face and came back to see what we were looking at

What you looking at

The road ahead

Lake Hinds Nature Reserve

A view across newly planted wheat

A little bit of hay
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