Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Sunday Drive

A beautiful day here today so we made the most of it by taking a drive in the country. Took along a sandwich and coffee in the thermos as there are definetly no shops or cafes out here. Our drive took us through farmland and around Lake Hinds.
Please click on photos to enlarge them
Reflections on the lake

Not much water in parts

Colour starting to appear on the roadside


Gravel road, green pastures, yellow sand and blue sky

A windmill or two or three

These sheep started to run away as we stopped the car, but then did an about face and came back to see what we were looking at

What you looking at

The road ahead

Lake Hinds Nature Reserve

A view across newly planted wheat

A little bit of hay
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  1. Lovely series of images Linley and super symmetrical reflections in the first shot.

  2. Impressive set of views ! It looks like a desert : it must be warm and quiet.

  3. enjoyed the drive too Linley; I like nothing much better than doing that kind of thing; stopping where you please with the cuppas and treats in the back. You saw some lovely scenery and took great photos

  4. Magnificent country. For some reason, my son always wanted to come there to visit. We even bought him a tshirt that had Australia written on the front of it because he loved your country so much. Maybe it was because of the movies he saw about Australia.

  5. Gorgeous photos! I, too, have been fascinated with Australian since I was a child despite living on the other side of the world. I love seeing the combination of stark branches and red earth. :)

  6. A wonderful drive indeed Linley - I loved it!!

  7. Beautiful pictures, love watching the world thru your eyes.


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