Saturday, 21 March 2015

Rainbow Jungle Kalbarri

Not being a bird person I can't remember the various names of these birds. Rainbow Jungle  is a beautiful parrot habitat in Kalbarri Western Australia. The day we went there was such a hot humid day so a lot of the birds were sheltering from the heat. There are many kept in large cages which were a bit difficult to photograph. The large walk through aviary where these photos  were taken was a  tropical paradise for the ones lucky enough to be housed there.  Here is a link to their web page.
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Don't worry, the birds are safe, it is only an ornamental crocodile
This guy here is the house pet who entertains whenever anyone walks by, was playing peek-a-boo


  1. Great variety of birds in the post today. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. We were in Kalbarri some years ago and I remember seeing all those beautiful birds. Thank you for sharing and reviving such pleasant memories for me.
    That bird with his wings spread out does look a little too warm.
    That lizard is interesting; it has such a long tail.
    The corellas are natural clowns. I had one once (never in a cage) and he was quite a character.

  3. I remember going here years ago, glad it's still open. Great place to visit!

  4. I would love to walk around this aviary! I love all the parrots! The lizard is cute! Thanks for linking up, happy weekend!

  5. It does look like a super place to visit. I could definately spend some time there viewing all these lovely birds. Great post!:)

  6. gorgeous parrots! i like the little zebra finches, too.

  7. Gorgeous parrots! The lizard is cute as well.

  8. So pretty and colorful birds. Love your shots.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  9. What pretty birds!


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