Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Rubbish Tuesday

This old garden seat was hidden under layers of blue plumbago and bottle brush when we first moved into our house. It wasn't discovered till hubby took to the jungle. Although old and weathered and seen better days, I have kept it in the front garden.  The odd coat of linseed oil is keeping it presentable. I don't advise guests to sit on it, but on occasions, when out in the garden and needing a breather, I do, being careful though. 
Linking today with Roan's  Rubbish Tuesday


Ready for repairs

A shady nook in the garden, the windmill too has had a spruce up and a few running repairs 



  1. I'd like to sit for a spell. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. What an inviting place. I'd be so tempted to sit down and enjoy myself for a spell.

  3. what a great find and a great save!

  4. what a neato bench and your garden is beautiful.

  5. Oh, I Love it...and what is that tree it is sitting under? I love it.

    1. Hi there Rose, the tree is a Callistamon or common name is bottle brush. They are flowering prolifically at present

  6. The old bench looks perfect there. The Bottle Brush tree is amazing.

  7. The garden seat may be old but it is aging very nicely, at least it looks like it in the photo.

  8. Nice choices. Love the windmill.

  9. Wonderful old bench! I love that gorgeous tree too.


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