Friday, 9 May 2014

Rain At Last

It is what we have all been waiting for. After months and months of hot, dry days we have finally had two decent falls of rain. Two weeks ago we had 20 mils overnight and on Wednesday night we had another 16 mils. This morning we went bush walking to Christmas Rock, just so that I could check out the condition of the walk trail. I am now volunteering at the visitor centre and feel that I must check out the local attractions if I am going to advise people to visit them. The walk trail itself is about 3 1/2 klm and is an easy walk. Trees that looked as if they were dying 3 weeks ago now are greening up again and showing much less stress, the magic of rain.
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Started off with clear blue sky but this had turned to grey and light rain again  by the time we had finished our walk.

Parts of the walk trail are under water and
looking more like a creek than what the creek does.

This creek runs through the track and frogs could be heard, but not seen  in the grass

A small section of trees were showing some colour

Water had collected on the rock

Sea Urchin Hakea are starting to flower, this was a surprise as they did not flower at all last year

Salmon Gum stands tall and proud

A view over to the Hills and farm paddocks are starting to get a green tinge to them. Blue sky now all but gone.


  1. I'm glad there have been some welcoming showers Linley ...your photographs are most enjoyable scenes

  2. Beautiful photographs! I've been sitting here moaning about the rain we've had recently in Scotland! It would be a very different place if we didn't get any.

  3. The water pooling on the rocks is a lovely sight. The water covering the trail, not so much, though still welcome, I'm sure!

  4. Such beautiful photos of nature !


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