Saturday, 19 July 2014

Weekend Reflections

A still, sunny day equals good reflections in the water. Last Sunday was a perfect winter's day so we jumped in the car for a Sunday drive and ended up at Gingin, about 120 klms away.  These pics are from the beautiful park in the centre of town with the Gingin Brook running through.   A working replica of a  waterwheel is a feature in this beautiful park.
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  1. Love Gingin! Hope you had time for a cuppa at the Cafe or did you go to the pub.

    1. Both Angie, the pub for a roast lunch and the cafe after a walk

  2. Wow.... I love the Water Wheels... Fantastic reflection and awesome photos...

  3. What a lovely town and, park Linley! There's lots of places you share on your blog that I'd like to visit one day. :)

  4. what a beaut' day out Linley; I enjoyed walking around with you! Carole, at

  5. what beautiful scenery Linley. love the first image.

  6. you caught some beautiful reflections!


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