Monday, 4 February 2013

It's All Go, Go, Go

The masterplan has been activated.  It wasn't really meant to be happening so soon, but sometimes in life you have to take an oportunity when it comes knocking on your door.  Our plan was that towards the end of this year we would have our house spruced up ready for sale. The idea was to relocate to a country town in WA, buy another house and have enough money left over to replace our old campervan and have money to travel.

Two weeks ago, just out of curiosity, I rang an agent who we have had dealing with before and asked her to give us an appraisal on our home. I had seen a lot of houses in the area being sold not long after they had gone onto the market.  We jokingly had said to each other that if she came up with a price that was way above what our estimations were we would go ahead and put the house on the market.  There were no other houses (other than units) on the market for sale last weekend. Having been told that just a minor declutter would be required, no major cleaning or painting, just a tidy up of  paths and gardens and we would be ready to have Home Open on the Sunday. Very quick I know, do it now and she virtually guranteed us a great price. Wait for a couple of months, no guarantee because there could be plenty of houses on the market. After careful consideration, we hit the ground running and listed the house the next day, no turning back now.

Come Sunday last week we had Home Open and 31 groups through and 6 offers to buy, 2 very attractive offers, well above the listing price.  Offer accepted that evening. A phone call from the agent on Friday afternoon informed us Finance has been aprroved, so, so far everything is going smoothly. Provided we pass the pest and building inspections it is all go.

We are now in the process of trying to find ourselves another house, that is now more scary than selling this one.  Blogging has taken a back seat this last fortnight, so I have a lot to catch up on.

PS.  Brother-in-law arrives from New Zealand tonight, boy, is he in for a surprise.


  1. Linley that's totally and completely amazing! Well done and congratulations and have fun with your new challenge and I can sure imagine being a little anxious over buying another. It will be wonderful - a new chapter, how exciting!!

  2. Thanks Rose, we both have new chapters beginning now in our lives. I am looking forward to a change.

  3. Any idea where you may end up?


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