Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Growing Before My Very Eyes

As I returned from my morning walk I spotted these bulbs poking through the bare sand in my new front yard. They looked like a lollipop poking out of the ground. I have seen these before but I do not know the name of them. They come up very much like the Naked Ladies, a flower spike and when this dies down the foliage appears.  These have a much larger flower. I guarantee you I could spot the difference in growth from 9 am this morning till I I took a further photo around 5pm. By tomorrow they should be a decent size. If anyone knows what they are called please share. Since we had some rain last week all sorts of little seedlings are appearing in my bare garden beds. It will be a surprise to see what comes to life. We have managed a little clearing of the front yard, little by little, Rome wasn't built in a day.

9 am in sunlight
5pm in shade


  1. How intriguing is that Linley! Don't see bulbs at all here in the tropics (er, I don't think so) but I'm no gardener so who am I to say!
    I'm really keen to see them (your bulbs) each few days, they've got me in!

    1. Hi Rose, I am having Internet problems ATM , tried to put some pics from today up, soooooo slow, they wouldn't load, am going down to Perth tomorrow, by the time I get back on Saturday they will probably be up completely. A bit frustrated with Internet hope to get it sorted soon.


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