Monday, 22 April 2013

Yellow Hibiscus

A short while ago whilst hanging out my washing this yellow hibiscus flower in my garden  caught my eye. That would be  a nice contribution to Monday Mellow Yellows I thought,  so inside I came to get my camera.
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  1. Such a very pretty hibiscus! And such an enchanting soft yellow!

  2. this hibiscus must be a close relative of the hibiscus in my header photo.:p

    Leaves of Summer

  3. Superb photography – great creamy-yellow hibiscus!

    Visiting from Monday Mellow Yellows

  4. A very lovely mellow yellow!!!

  5. Gorgeous hibiscus! The colour is very pretty.

  6. This is very pretty indeed Linley, I can see I will just have to acquire a Hibiscus - there are none in my garden which surprises me because most of the other yards have at least one - after all my little village is named "Hibiscus Village" !


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