Monday, 26 August 2013

Monday's Mural

This collection of murals come from Dalwallinu, a small country town about 80 klms from us.  Mostly they depict the early settlers of the area, which is farming and wheat growing but wildflowers, mainly wattles,  are fast becoming a major tourist attraction for the town. There is a wonderful wattle festival on there soon.

I felt like moving the seat so that I could get the whole mural, but thought better of it.

This mural provides privacy behind the gates.

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  1. Nice selection of murals. I especially like the first one!

  2. Yeah, I would have moved the bench too. They could remount the mural higher. Thank you for visiting my Women of Wiregrass mural.

  3. Gorgeous murals. I am waiting the the rider in the first shot to jump over the bench. MB

  4. It's nice that so many towns are getting into murals!

  5. Sweet murals showing the wide open spaces of Western Australia. I especially like the ones that look like old black and white photos. Kangaroos and emu are still exotic to me. But what are wattles? Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  6. Wonderful selection of murals Linley and I adore wattles - (I have a special reason for loving them)
    And Linely believe me, I DO take too many photos even with digital - I have to go through them all to edit, delete or keep, decisions!!! Why complain I have the time!

  7. They are a great collection of murals.


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