Friday, 30 August 2013

Peaceful Resting Place

Our recent visit to New Zealand was mainly for hubby to catch up with his family. Catching up with some meant a visit to the Dargaville Cemetery, which has this wonderful view over the rolling hills. It is such a picturesque resting place. As he was paying his respects to various people I went off to photograph fences and sky, ever mindful that it would provide some material for FF or Skywatch.

This fence separates the cemetery from cow paddocks

This  section is for Returned Service Men and Women

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  1. Everything is so green in NZ compared with here. Great collection of fences.

  2. fence for today was taken across the road from a cemetery!

  3. Love the different fence styles around the cemetery. They seem to enhance the countryside around.

  4. Beautiful and peaceful settings!

  5. A really beautiful and peaceful resting place. And pleased to hear you were off doing what any good intrepid blogger should be doing Linley! ;)

  6. lovely fences - NZ fences can stretch for miles if I recall correctly


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