Sunday, 6 October 2013

Gathercole Reserve

It was such a beautiful morning so we took a drive out to Gathercole for a walk. It is roughly a 3.5  klm loop trail but we ended up doing around 5 klm deviating. Each time we have been here the scenery has been different, gradually colouring as the months have gone by. 

The walk trail is easily followed by markers along the way.

There are numerous rocky outcrops with some interesting formations

 Can you spot the giant lizard, or is it a seal ?

Or the toes

This is Granite Kunzea. It is growing in cracks in the rocks. How it survives, let alone flowers prolifically is beyond me. 

 Granite Kunzea growing happily at Gathercole

Verticordia and tree tree 

Everlastings making a wonderful carpet 

A dinosaur egg maybe?

The neighbouring wheat paddocks are starting to turn golden

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  1. I love the kunzea growing out of the rocky surface; amazing where plants will pop up, and the dinosaur 'egg' fabulous as is the walk you did

  2. What a great walk and shows the diversity of Aussie walks. Gosh I was surprised to read that it was only 5 kms, such a lot to see and photograph in a relatively small area, from the fantastic rock formations to the flowers.
    Thanks for sharing with us Gathercole Reserve looks a great place to visit.


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