Thursday, 3 October 2013

Vege Garden Update

I have not bought any green vegetables from the shop for over two months now. My little vege patch has been producing ample sufficiency for us. There is nothing nicer than to go outside and pick vegetables and herbs from your own garden. I have never had so many veges growing until I moved here to the country. Back in the city,  sandy soil was my enemy, not so here.  I have a new found interest in  my vege patch now.

This is this morning's pickings. Beetroot, sugar snap peas, silver beet and mixed lettuce. In all I picked about 4 bunches of silver beet and froze some for later use. The beetroot I have cooked and bottled. I have also dried parsley and coriander for when there is none. We  have broad beans, leeks, strawberries, sweet corn, cucumbers, pumpkins, onions, rhubarb, potatoes and blueberries plus herbs growing too.  Cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage have all finished now .


  1. well done; nothing beats picks straight from your own garden

  2. It must be so nice harvesting from your own garden! Those beets look great, as well as the peas ... Enjoy the harvest!

  3. Very fine specimens Linley!! And I'm with you - fresh is best! and you can't get fresher than this.

  4. I fully agree, there is nothing better than shopping in your own garden. You know what is on your own produce and what it was grown on and nothing beats the freshness. Good for you!

  5. Hi Linley I love Beetroot - have you ever tried barrots? I'm on a mission to find some barrot seeds for you as I don't have a garden that can grow them! Your soil (and your skill of course) produces amazing veggies - love 'em!


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