Sunday, 15 December 2013


We are into our 4th day of a heatwave, over 40 degrees, and my vegetable patch is suffering. To minimise the loss we have resorted to using whatever we could find in the garage to give some shade and protection. I have tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and strawberries which are all producing well so don't want to lose them. At present it is 45 degrees outside so they don't really stand much of a chance. One can but hope.  Linking with Shadow Shot Sunday 2

A  chair here and there, a table is handy too. That's about the only use that old ironing board will get today

There's no chance of playing golf today so the golf umbrellas are handy over my herbs in the old bathtub


  1. you can only but try Linley; I know how hard it is in those heatwaves; damn hard! Keeping up the water too apart from the scorching. We indulge when the weather and days are good for planting but everything suffers now and New Year ....... including us. Take care, best wishes

  2. Doing a bit of ironing in your vegetables patch lin

  3. It's amazing what a bit of mulch, Sarlon Shadecloth and overnight watering will do - although a hot wind will kill things off quick smart! Sadly, i think your heat is heading this way, so I'll get a chance to put my money where my mouth is soon!!! Stay cool!

  4. Well, we had gale force winds and torrential rain here in Scotland yesterday, so its lovely to see some sunshine - even if it is in photographs!

  5. An inventive way to deal with your heat wave and help your vegies. We care still shivering here on my Mornington Peninsula. Very little sun my way let alone heat. But I believe there is a bit of both on its way.

  6. Gosh yes hard to see all your hard earned efforts of winter and spring planting shrivelling in the summer heat - Love the old ironing board coming to the shade rescue! Keep up the good work, or at least eat extra greens this week!
    Wren x


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