Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Meckering Earthquake 1968

A few pics today of the remains of Salisbury Homestead which was destroyed by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake in 1968.  Meckering , which was destroyed by the earthquake is 130 klm east of Perth.  The remains of this  house have been left as they were back then, now being a reminder of the devastation the quake caused. I was a teenager at the time, living in Perth and vividly remember sitting on my bedroom floor looking through my scrapbook, when I felt the room sway. The quake lasted for about 40 seconds.

Linking today with Rubbish Tuesday

The marker tells where the baby's cot was

The kitchen area, note the old cooker

The front steps 

A rose bush and fruit tree still grows


  1. How devastating! And how fortunate the baby was not hurt. Makes for interesting photos though!

  2. You documented the devastation well. Truly amazing that the wall fell outward. It's nice that a piece of history has been saved. We had an earthquake here in Illinois in 1968. It was the first I experienced. Ours was only a 5.4, with no damage in our area. Thanks for linking up!

  3. How terrifying that must have been. And such a miracle that the wall fell 'the right way.' Amazing!

  4. rubbish as reminder...i like that...used to make us think ...

  5. wow, God was looking over that family! interesting to see it left the same after all that time!

  6. Wow, amazing the baby wasn't killed. Sad how much devastation can occur in an earthquake. thanks for sharing.

  7. I can't believe it has been left the same. Very interesting.


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