Friday, 8 August 2014

Kondinin Fences

Kondinin is a small town we passed through on our way to Esperance recently. A couple of fences were worthy of an entry in Good Fences , well not so much the fence, but what's behind the fence is what caught my eye.

This couple made with mosaics were in the Kondinin Community Arts House

A bushranger, wearing an old Fremantle Dockers  (Australian Rules Team ) jumper, along with the sign posts to various Australian towns and Cities

The beautiful yellow acacia here is the star attraction

Most country towns have a mural and these fences are stock standard

I showed this church in an earlier post, but seeing it has a fence around it, why not again


  1. a great collection and some VERY interesting finds behind them, too! :) thanks, linley!

  2. it's all about the "stuff" around or behind a fence isn't it? It is for me anyway.... and, you have lots to look at here...

  3. So many Good Fence postings are just that - a fence. But it is like Bumble Vee said which you have done here, or my Old/New fence which makes the viewer pause to think is what makes the "interesting" Good Fence posting as TWG said. Thanks for visiting my Old/New fence. You are the first one who suggested storm damage.

  4. nice fences, great images. that tree is beautiful as is the mural. TFS Linley.


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