Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Relics at Ravensthorpe Museum

A quick stop off at Ravensthorpe, on the way to Esperance, found us having a look through the museum. I would have loved to have spent more time looking at the items that have been saved from the scrap heap for this interesting look into the past.
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Saddles, harness, bellows and bits from the stables

Who can remember the old dentists chairs like this one.

Printing Press

Telephone Box, all but extinct since mobile phones

There was a little house all set up, these are some of the rooms as they would have used.  These old Singer  Treadle Sewing Machines are still going strong, they seem to last forever

A few kitchen utensils, scales, meat mincer, grater, mixing bowl, rolling pin too,  and Bon Ami to keep pots and pans spic and span

 A windup gramophone in the lounge room, bring on the sing along


  1. So glad someone kept all this.

  2. That's a great display of a bygone era.


  3. Sadly I do remember dentist charis such as this one. The dentist was drilling my tooth when the drill slipped off and dug in under my tongue. Haven't enjoyed dentists much since. Oh and the sewing machine looks like one my grandma had. We had a gramaphone in our barn when I was a kid. It still worked. Wish we had kept it safe. You found an amazing collection of old things. Thanks for linking up!

  4. such a great collection of treasures!

  5. What a great place. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  6. You feel like you have stepped into the past! I love the rooms in the house the best, but boy those bellows are HUGE--really neat!

  7. All those old tools and equipment will surely outlast anything made today. How great that the sewing machine still keeps stitching away.

  8. That is a beaut collection of old stuff. Did you see anything that you used. Thats what I find scary about museums.

  9. Oh, wow, what treasure chest...for you to see and then for us to see your photos. Really would have liked to visit that place!

  10. wonderful images. what a great little place.


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