Monday, 1 September 2014

Orchids of Wongan Hills

Sunday's  walk was in search of orchids. I did mange to find a few to share with you.

Sharing today with    Monday Mellow Yellows

                  Mosaic Monday

Spider Orchid
Donkey Orchid
More Donkey Orchids
Cow Slip Orchid
Blue Fairy Orchid
Blue Fairy and Donkey Orchids
Bee Orchid
Ant Orchid
These orchids were found in different areas of bush close to home , sometimes they are difficult to find, given that they are quite small in size.  Now that I know where to look it will be easier to spot them next year.



  1. Wonderful collage! The orchids are so well named, aren't they.

  2. Such lovely tiny orchids. And love the butterfly touch in the last collage.

  3. Tiny to spot, but beautiful to behold. I like the blue fairy orchid best.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  4. How special all those beautiful orchids. Must be a wonderful hobby.

  5. These are wonderful,I love the way they shine against the beautiful earth tones..... 2 is my favourite!

    Enjoy your week,

  6. Beautiful pictures, some of the orchids I have never seen !

  7. Look at all these wild beautiful!

  8. Beautiful, and a nice bit of colour here and there. They are so tiny some would be easy to miss. Great photos. :)

  9. Beautiful Orchids. Isn't it amazing what you can find when you stop just looking straight ahead.

  10. Blue Fairy and Donkey Orchids were my absolute favorites!

  11. I have only learned to appreciate orchids since moving to New Zealand. They come is such a variety of colors and shapes.


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