Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sunday Shadows

Time to catch up with all your blogs to see what has been going on in your part of the world. My little corner has been experiencing lovely spring weather up till now, but as I sit looking out the window, the severe weather warning which has been forecast is fast approaching. Yesterday, the sun shone, so there were nice shadows along the walk track.
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A dead tree casts it's shadow

Everlastings are still making a pretty carpet of colour


  1. The sun, shadows and the beautiful carpet of colour makes a great post.

  2. Yesterday was a good day for shadows! Great shots. Hope the everlastings coped with the weather today. Had to rescue my poppy.

  3. Love those shadows along the track.

  4. Those are such beautiful photographs. I remember years ago when travelling from Perth to Carnarvon there were carpets of everlastings by the side of the road for miles. They are so pretty.

  5. Hope that severe weather warning wasn't as bad as forecast - it's great to see Spring finally appearing and your wonderful shadows Now I hope you enjoyed the footy final on Sunday Linley?!
    Wren x

  6. A pretty series Linley. Happy weekend to you and yours


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