Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Adelaide Airport

Seems like I have been up forever. An early start to the day today, left Wudinna at 6am to be be in Port Lincoln by 8-20 to catch flight to Adelaide. Didn't arrive to book in till 8-30 so thankfully there was no drama about being late. Flight to Adelaide was only 40 mins so have been filling in time for over 4 hours. Will be boarding soon for the flight home to Perth. Weather not so good over there today, storms coming through, so here's hoping its not too bumpy, there goes our call to board.

PS. Well, that was one hell of a flight. Weather in Perth was atrocious, first attempt at landing was aborted, circled for around 20 mins before finally landing. Around 8 planes were circling during this time. Thank you Mr Qantas pilot for your expertise in getting us safely down. I did spot a most beautiful rainbow while we were up there, looking down on top of it gave a different perspective. Glad to be back home.


  1. I've never seen a sky so awesome as I did flying into Perth last year for a holiday there with my good friends. And then, I got squarely caught up in the Qantas grounding!!

  2. It's a shame when a good holiday gets spoilt by airline strikes or groundings. Better luck next time.


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