Sunday, 20 January 2013

Piney Lakes Walk

A pine plantation gave way for a suburban sub-division but one of the gems from that is the formation of Piney Lakes Reserve. Once you begin walking through the park you soon forget that you are surrounded by houses on 3 sides and a busy highway on the other. This is a very popular park for walking the dog, bush walking and picnics. In the spring time the wildflowers are a sight to behold, but alas it is summer time here.

Walking paths wind their way through the park

Ducks and other birdlife enjoy the lake

As we walk we come across various sculptures scattered through the park. This kangaroo from a distance was life like.

Another lake is at the northern end of the park. This morning there was a group doing tai chi.

We left the main reserve and followed the trail through the bushland that remains. Here we came upon more scultures scattered along the path. The nocturnal walk  will take on a different perspective when we do it one evening.  There are bat roosting boxes located high in the trees and many small marsupials call the area home. A torch and a sense of adventure will uncover a lot more to see.

HOM (Husband of mine) did a spot of pig whispering. In years gone by there was a piggery at this spot. He then found  some "pelicans" to feed, before discovering that the Wagyl also lived there. The Wagyl is a mythical aboriginal serpent.

Looking up in the trees this delightful angel  appeared.

 Paperbark trees lined the boardwalk which took us back to the main picnic area. 

Flowering gums

Here we are back at the lake. There are more paths to take in this park but they will wait till next walk.


  1. Thanks for taking me on a walk in the park. I love the sculptures.

  2. Thanks Diane, the scultures help make a walk more interesting, you forget that you are actually exercising.

  3. I'm amazed at how green the park still looks Linley. Love the sculptures too, what WAS that up in the tree!

    1. I think it is an angel, Grace. It is high up in the tree and my eyesight isn't what it used to be.


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