Thursday, 3 January 2013

Just Rambling On

Thankfully, a cool change came for the start of 2013. The heatwave we experienced for the last week of 2012 is now just a distant memory. I am looking forward to the challenges of this year. I have made no New Years Resolutions, I do however have a Masterplan, which we intend to put into practice sometime this year. There is plenty to plan and research, as this will be life changing, hopefully for the better. As time goes by I will post on my progress, but for the present little can be said.

  I am looking forward to a visit from my husband's brother from New Zealand,  who is coming to stay for 3 weeks in February.  My dear daughter gave us tickets to see Cliff Richard at Sandalford Winery in February also, thankfully the concert is the day before said brother-in-law goes home and not the same night he flies out.

 I want to continue to keep fit and healthy because I feel this is one of the most important things in life as you age. I play golf every Monday with a group of ladies, some of whom are in their eighties. One in particular, leaves some of us younger sixty odds  in her wake. She is my benchmark, I want to be as active as she is when I am her age.

More travel will be on the cards for this year too. Our highlight of 2012 was a trip to New Zealand in April. I must share some of those photos with you at some stage. This year will be mainly travelling in Western Australia, most likely just weekend getaways at this stage. I love taking short breaks, no elaborate planning, just get up and go. Sometimes just day trips, sometimes overnighters. No matter where we go we will take the road less travelled and try to find some amazing and interesting sights.  Big cities and bright lights are not for me. Who knows what is around the next bend?  


  1. Linley that's a most gorgeous photo in your post! Oh mysteries!! it seems so many bloggers have news-yet-to-be-told this year!!
    I adore NZ, been over 3 times but many years ago now, the last time to trek the Milford Track, it was amazing.
    Can't wait to hear what your 'masterplan' is! :)

    1. Rose, I would love to trek the Milford Track. We did a Milford Sound Tour but unfortunately time didn't permit us to get off the beaten track, so to speak. My husband is a Kiwi and I have been over quite a few times, sometimes just for family visits but I love it most when I get to travel that beautiful countryside.

  2. Love this post. You sound like you have the same goals as me except we don't have a camper. We camp in cabins or motels or hotels. I also don't mind visiting new big cities just for a change. New York, London and Paris are a bit special but I also love visiting tiny outback towns and the rugged wilds of the bush and desert. We are off to Cape York in May with a small tour group.

    1. Our camper is currently off the road Diane, so for the last few months we have been staying in cabins or motels ourselves. I can still pack up the car with all we need for a trip, nothing is going to get in the way. Your trip to Cape York should be good. Small tour groups are an ideal way to go.


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