Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Road Ahead

Over the Christmas break we fancied a drive to the beach. The closest beach to us is about 200 klms away. Morning tea and lunch was packed as there is nothing much open in the country, especially on a public holiday. Most of the photos in this collection were taken through the windscreen  so they are not the best quality, but come for a drive with me to The Coast.
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Our Western Australian Christmas Trees (Nutsia Floribunda) dotted the roadside

What remains of a kangaroo on the road. The birds and foxes clean up the carcass in no time.

Dry paddocks everywhere. Wheat harvesting is now over

A little stop by the side of the road at Badgingarra, where we found what looks like a great walking trail for wildflowers in the spring

Oh look, I can see the sea

It was oh so windy , the water was very choppy

No, I am not completely out of focus, sand was being whipped up from the dunes and across the road

Heading home we stopped at this lovely Wandoo Reserve for a cuppa

More Christmas Trees
Stumpy, some bright spark dressed this tree stump in some work gear and gave him a face.


  1. I enjoyed the drive to the beach. Shame it was so windy when you got there. The Christmas trees are lovely.

  2. I enjoyed going on this ride to the beach with you. I like the pretty trees and I hope you go back in the spring to see those wildflowers. The beach and sea still look pretty, it is a shame about the wind.

    Happy Tuesday, enjoy your new week! I wish you all the best in 2016, Happy New Year!

  3. WOW, what a ride! Thanks so much for sharing your special part of the world, a part that I'll no doubt never see in person. Wishing you a Wonder-full New Year.

  4. I enjoyed the ride! Your roads are quite extreme but it looks like they have their bright spots along the way.

  5. Way to go!! Love 'stumpy'. Have a wonderful New Year

  6. It's freezing here Linley and this post really warmed me up!! Happy New Year, and may it bring all things happy and good to you! x

  7. It's all looking very pretty there - is that a waratah in one of the photos with the red flowers? it's sunny and warm here, but waiting for the overcast skies to pass, happy new year for 2016 :-)

  8. The road to the beach is such fun to see. definitely worth the 200 mile drive. And the beach is beautiful.


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