Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Mt O'Brien

Yesterday, an elderly friend who is 87 wanted company to check out facilities at Mt O'Brien Lookout.  He takes it upon himself to go up weekly to check that there has been no litter left and that the BBQ is clean. His wife doesn't like him going alone so we accompanied him. 

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Luckily I had my camera as this beautiful native creeper was in flower, I can't remember the name .

Looking over to Lake Hinds in the distance
The paddocks are all a lovely shade of golden brown now that the heat of summer is here
To the naked eye I couldn't see these ruins of an old house until my learned friend pointed them out

Melaleuca along the road to the lookout are in flower now


  1. Those are great views, sorry you are so hot up there. What a gem your 87 year old is.

  2. Magnificent Australian landscapes and a very beautiful creeper to boot.

  3. that creeper is so pretty! i like that old building and views!

  4. Beautiful. When I see old homestead houses I think about what life was like when they were vibrant. - Margy

  5. If only abandoned buildings could speak. It was so kind of you to accompany this person on the walk. Happy New Year from our house to your house.
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  6. What a fabulous view from the lookout. All the different browns, yellows and oranges. "A Wide Brown Land"

  7. How nice of you to accompany him and what lovely scenes you got to see! Thanks for sharing.


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