Thursday, 9 May 2013

This Morning's Walk

All was calm this morning after yesterday's strong winds and rain. A cool, crisp morning so it was ideal walking weather, so we walked along the road to the airstrip. I wanted to check out whether any of the bush shrubs were beginning to flower. I found a couple of early bloomers so it won't be long now before more colour brightens up the road verges and bushland. From the airstrip we took a track which came out on Christmas Rock which was filled with rock pools of water.

This grevillia is just starting to flower

A water supply for birds and mammals on Christmas Rock

Ressurrection bush changes colour once the rains come. Last time I was there they were brown. Now they are becoming a bright orange colour.


  1. I wish my grevilleas were flowering. the honeyeathers check them out daily but it is still much too dry. I love it too when the country starts to regenerate. Our paddocks are getting a green tinge . . .

  2. Love the native grevilleas , the pink variety are so pretty, looks like candy floss!

  3. What a magic early morning walk, especially if it was cool and crisp. I really like the little rock pools, I wonder how long before they dry up again?
    The birds that gather in grevilleas can be amazing too.


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