Thursday, 2 May 2013

Welcome Rain

Last night, after days of promises the heavens opened and we have had some welcome rain to our little neck of the woods. On the way back from Perth yesterday a lot of the farmers were out in their paddocks in atticipation of some good falls. No doubt today they will be busily ploughing and sowing. It won't take long before we hopefully start to see  the paddocks turning green instead of the brown that we have been used to during our long hot summer. When we stopped to change drivers, I noticed some little lambs frollicking. The older sheep were just grazing and oblivious to the   4 little ones. It was lovely just watching them for a few minutes.
 Already lots of little weeds are poking their heads through in my garden beds. We will be ordering some mulch next week so hopefully we can suffocate some of the little blighters before they come up.  The flowers of the Blood Iris that came up a few weeks ago have now died off and the large leaves are now taking shape. I have some self sown flower seedlings appearing too, I think they are stocks, which I absolutley love, so I will be able to plant them out when they get a bit larger.  

Not a very good picture of the lambs but you can see how dry things are.
Back to front. The flowers first and now the leaves. Plus weeds.


  1. It's dry here in Texas, too, but not that dry! You poor people!!! I'll be praying for some slow, steady rain for you!!!

    Those plants look like the plant in The Little Shop Of Horror...saying "feed me".

  2. Ha Ha, Yes they do. When I went outside this morning I could almost hear them, they do look like they have their mouths open.


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