Monday, 4 November 2013

New Norcia

Driving along Great Northern Highway, 132 klms north of Perth, and unaware of New Norcia, you would be amazed at what you come across.  Smack bang in the middle of nowhere is New Norcia , Australia's only Monastic Town. It was settled by the Spanish Benedictine Monks back in the 1860s. There is some amazing architecture here from the Hotel to the old boarding schools to the Monastry buildings themselves, all built by the monks. It is used as an education centre as well as a popular tourist town now, but still retains it's old world feel and is a wonderful place for a weekend retreat.

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St Gertrudes, a girls boarding school in days gone by.

The Abbey Church

The Monastry, still occupied by Monks

St Gertrudes

Aboriginal Murals at the Arts Centre

The New Norcia Hotel


  1. Oh do link this to OUR WORLD tomorrow morning. You can find the link on my side bar or one of my posts. This is just what the world needs to see. I love New Norcia but my photos are of a pre-digital age. I am so glad that the monks are still there. Lovely photos and the whole town seems to have had a lick of paint since I saw it last.

  2. I like the Aboriginal murals very much , they are always so colourful and so much to see on.

  3. great visit Linley. You take me back many years when I did get to visit there also.

  4. Great Aboriginal murals, love the turtles throughout.

  5. Stunning looking building, love to look round that place and cemtery. Great looking murals

  6. The Aboriginal murals are so full of life. Both the subject and the composition just vibrate with color and movement. Wonderful. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  7. Wow! That looks like a wonderful place to spend a weekend. How gorgeous it is and I love the architecture of the buildings.

  8. The church is so beautiful! Love those murals too.

  9. It sure is an amazing place. The art collection is pretty good too. Your photos are excellent.

  10. SO much character in those buildings, looks like an amazing place to visit!

  11. Great photos of lovely architecture!


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