Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Greens Pool

I am dreaming of once more dangling my feet in  these cool, clear waters at Greens Pool, down in the  South West, as the temperatures up here, inland and miles from the coast, start to soar with summer not too far away.

Today I am linking with Water World Wednesday

Little did I know that something with a beady eye was lurking between the rocks, can you spot something?

This natural pool is calm and is popular for swimming and snorkling.

Outside of these rocks the Southern Ocean pounds away

You can read more about Greens Pool HERE


  1. Wish I could do the same as out temps. too are soaring. 37 C and a northerly straight off the Simpson Desert.. In a single day my garden has baked to a crisp and the chooks have given up laying as too exhausting a job. Love the clear water and the Southern Ocean would be just the thing to immerse oneself in . . . ah, dream on.

  2. You must tell Linley what is lurking in the rocks! I all but got my magnifying glass out :))
    What a fabulous spot to have a splash!
    We are melting here in the tropics too, it's 30+ but the humidity is the killer. It's so awful I've even arranged for a Mowing Man to come in and do the lawns for me! Gosh and this is early summer - much worse to come yet!

    1. Hi Rose, I have marked the 2nd photo so you know where to look. I have no idea what is, probably nothing, but it looks like it is watching.

  3. sitting with your feet in the water is a good thing. :)

  4. wow ! look at this crystal clears water !

  5. So clear water and beautiful place.
    About thing in 2nd photo, I also can't identify what it is. Thanks for dropping by :)


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