Sunday, 10 November 2013

Verticordia at Reynoldson Reserve

This weekend we have the 8th Annual Reynoldson Reserve Festival happening in town. The verticordias are in glorious bloom about 25 klms from town. The tourist centre was running buses out to the reserve yesterday and today so I took the opportunity to jump on board and  get a few shots. The day was hot but didn't deter the out of town visitors or local alike.

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This variety, verticordia eriocephala, is known common cauliflower, they are just beginning to flower.

These deep magenta coloured ones are Verticodia Venusta, they too are just beginning to flower


  1. I'd never heard of these before Linley but I'm so glad you took up on the bus excersion and bought these on home to share. I'm surprised they're still in flower after all the heat I thought the wildflowers might be done and dusted

  2. I bet this is spectacular in person.
    Thanks for sharing their beauty Linley!

  3. Wow! I believe some may have strayed over here to NZ but I can only imagine how lovely they are grown in such abundance!

  4. Wonderful to have such magic so close to town. Thanks for getting these lovely shots.

  5. How wonderful! It looks too hot and dry for anything to bloom with such enthusiasm.

  6. Hi Linley, thank you for sharing this lovely walk with us. I haven't heard of these flowers either and they all looked gorgeous!

  7. Nor I Linley - have not heard of them, but what a display! A proverbial carpet, just lovely.
    Thanks for the encouragement, Im sure my internet probs will be resolved sooner rather than later one hopes.
    I'm enjoying catching up on all of your latest posts!

  8. Beautiful photos!
    Monday greetings from Holland , RW & SK


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