Saturday, 15 March 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday 2

Shadows from beautiful pink flowering gum trees in the main street at Lake Grace.
I found it rather strange that these trees were planted  in the middle of the footpath though.
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  1. beautiful they are, and I guess they'll provide shade on all sides too

  2. I am thinking it was but a wee tree when it was planted and they never expected it to get so large. It certainly is beautiful and makes me which our spring would start popping forth. Not tonight...6-8 inches due to start this afternoon. I am so DONE with winter. It’s been a rough one.

  3. They are beautiful trees though even if in the way.

  4. Linley I adore the flowering gums!! they are just gorgeous - I see none here in the northern tropics, I shall keep my eye out for some, somewhere!


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