Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tin Horse Highway

There is a 15 klm stretch of road in the Shire of Kulin which took us about an hour and a half to travel, on our road trip last week.  This was because scattered along the roadside and in the paddocks are tin horse sculptures, all made out of old tin drums and other metals.  There are about 70 in all and I must say I found some very amusing. Some have signs to help decipher what they are. It started as a community effort to promote the annual Kulin Bush  Races and is now somewhat  iconic in this area.  You can read more Here  I will show you a few which really took  my fancy. I think I will have to put some more in another post sometime.
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     Signs, Signs

Rocking Horse

This one was outside the golf course
This take on Ben Hur was my favourite, love the sign.
Tossing it's rider
Grandpa Horse
A dead cert at last years races
Fillypoosis is a play on Aussie tennis player of the the 90's, Mark Philippoussis

Horse and cart, don't forget the loyal working dog on the farm

What about a Sea Horse, well there were salt lakes nearby


  1. OH my gosh what a super great find! I love them all, such creative minds came up with this. Thanks for sharing, these pics went perfect with my cup of coffee :)

  2. that is very clever whoever came up with that idea was on a winner. When long stretches of landscapes can become a little ho-hum, looking out for the next bit of creativity sure is captivating. I loved the first one, the rocking horse (because I loved the rock 'n roll era). It took me back to a trip to Gulargambone where they have the tin Galahs featured

  3. How awesome! I come across the strange mailbox here and there but not a whole area of such wonderful sculptures! Love them. And look forward to more pics.

  4. Imaginative and fun! Thanks for sharing♪

  5. oh these are great! love them all! thanks for the smile this morning :)

  6. Those were really fun. Great sense of humor displayed by all!


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