Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kangaroo Paws

It is spring, so it is  time for our kangaroo paws to flower. These were taken at Wireless Hill, a large reserve, smack bang in the middle of an expensive suburb in Perth. The property developers would love the land for housing but thankfully it is gazetted as a flora reserve. I just love these red and green kangaroo paws. They are also the Western Australian State Floral Emblem.
Sharing with  Ruby Tuesday

The view from Wireless Hill over The Swan River below


  1. Thanks for showing me something I've never seen before. I love these beauties!

  2. Very unusual and very interesting.

  3. They are beautiful specimens. the stalks are so red. Mine haven't flowered this year??? A beautiful view from the hill.

  4. I had a plant when we lived in Brunei but I didn't know what it was until an Aussie friend came to visit. It was a red kangaroo paw!
    Oops I'm visiting from Blue Monday and realise I should have scrolled down a tad more. Oh well you gave me a lovely visit back to Australia. We left Melbourne in July so it's nice to keep up to date and close. I miss it so.
    I'm off to the right post now...what a numpty! Don't tell anyone will you? :$

  5. That good colors ...! An exquisite proposal! Wonderful flower!


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