Saturday, 28 September 2013

Pink Sheep ?

I almost forgot about this photo that I took whilst in New Zealand last month. Sheepworld is on the main highway near Warkworth. I had to do a double take when I thought I had spotted pink sheep. Hubby did the obligatory back up as he didn't believe me. We visited this wonderful tourist attraction, a  sheep farm, some years ago and marveled at the working sheep dogs, sheep shearing and feeding the lambs. I do remember having "the mickey" taken out of me because I was an Aussie but it was all in good fun. I made the mistake of putting my hand up when the host asked if there were any Australians in the audience. There has always been a friendly rivalry between Aussies and Kiwis.
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  1. i wonder about that - wish to know more what is the reason or cause? Breast Cancer Awareness Month or what? not something you will see every day.

    love the far fence going with the way of the hills ... so neat!! ( :

  2. Pink sheep? SOOOOOO Cool!! And perfectly matched to the roof!!!

  3. interesting; do a google and you'll find they first dyed sheep red and blue for a rugby final. Using food dyes which wash off in the rains. They continue to do it with pink since then....great tourist attraction. Would've been a surprise to see when driving by and being unawares

  4. Are they pink so New Zealanders can find them easily?


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