Monday, 16 September 2013

Monday Mural

This mosaic mural is at our local swimming pool. On the weekend our Tidy Towns Committee, of which I have joined since moving here mass planted small tree seedlings around our new Sports Centre sign. The area will also have picnic tables and chairs for tourists. It should look brilliant if our hard work pays off.

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  1. I love a mosaic mural! It'll be even nicer when there are happy children running back and forth in front of it.

  2. Sweet - I just hope those creatures aren't actually in the pool :-).

  3. It's very pretty! And love the colors too.


  4. Very swimming poolish. I like the small tiles. MB

  5. Sweet mosaic mural with wonderful portraits on sea life. Are manta rays common in your area? Good luck with the project. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural. Apologies for the Linky snafu but I finally got most of the thumbnails up.

  6. Hi Linley
    Way to go - as a HR professional now that you can add Tidy Towns Committee member to your CV the world is your oyster!
    I am sure it looks brilliant now and how wonderful to be able to watch those seedlings grow over the years!


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