Monday, 23 September 2013

My Tank Runneth Over

This is a problem I didn't expect to have so soon. My new  rainwater tank for drinking water is filled to capacity, so much so that I have had to resort to leaving the wheelbarrow underneath it to catch the overflow water.  My recycle bin is already in use to catch the overflow from our other rainwater tank which we use for the garden. It is a problem I don't mind having.  We have  had a very dry winter this year but so far in September we have had record rainfall. My colour scheme around the house kills two birds with one stone this week, blue and yellow.
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  1. What a lovely shade of blue you've used.

    Thanks for playing Blue Monday, and for sharing your blue, Linley.

  2. Great shades of blue and glad you have plenty of water ~ carol, ^_^

  3. How fortunate you are to have had that much rain. We finally got a little over the weekend, but not near enough.

  4. Savvy colour scheme Linley! :)
    Love the post title - clever!

  5. When we have our tropical rainstorms our tank overflows so fast the two outlet pipes can't cope so it bubbles out of the top. I hate to see all that water running away when in the dry season the tank dries up. Must admit this has only happened once. Blue and yellow remind me of Italian colours.

  6. It's a nice feeling to have an overflowing water tank. Life seems a little safer for awhile. And such a gorgeous blue tank contrasting with the surrounding yellow.

  7. OH goodness you are blessed and filled with blue! A very sweet post and I appreciate your share. Have a good week and thanks for sharing at Blue Monday!

  8. Oh I remember the big water tanks...we had a huge green one at the back of our garden. It worked wonderfully well keeping everything alive over the summer months ;D
    There's no need for one of those here now I've moved to the UK. I think we will be okay on the rain levels but who knows?
    Have a wonderful week and thanks for letting me take a peek into your oh so familiar world.
    It gave me my Aussie fix for the day :D


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