Thursday, 2 January 2014

Looking Back

If someone had told me on at the beginning of last year that I would sell my house, move to the country and quit my job I would have laughed at them.  That is exactly what we did in the space of 2 and a half months. Our house was put on the market towards the end of January and sold within 1 week. We then bought another one in the country and moved in 8 weeks later. I finished work a week before we moved up here. The surprising thing is that along the way there were no hiccups, the sale and the move ran like clockwork. We are now happily enjoying our "tree change". We have made some new friends, have great neighbours, and have been made most welcome into the community. We have had some work to do around the house as it had been empty for over 2 years. The gardens are now back in shape and we have received many compliments for our hard work. We planted a vegetable garden and have been enjoying our fresh produce now for many months. As the months have passed we have seen the changing colours of the countryside from brown to green to yellow and now as the summer heat hits it is quickly back to it's brown hues.  The bush came alive during spring with a multitude of vibrant wildflowers. It was astounding to see what looked like scraggly bushes just come alive with colour.  Sometimes in life the things that are not planned are the things that work out the better and our move to the country has been the best.

Happy New Year, may 2014 bring happiness to all

The changing colours of the countryside in mosaic

Wildflowers galore

The garden  as it was when we moved in

Sometime later

Beginnings of a vege garden

A small sample from our garden



  1. well done Linley, the two of you have worked well together, and a seamless shift by all accounts. Lovely photos, great results and there is something very special about 'country' and country people

  2. What a huge change for you in the last year! May the new year bring even more wonderful moments!

  3. Congratulations on the successful outcome of your decisions and toil throughout 2013. What a great vegie garden! Life IS full of surprises: I was in the midst of planning a 2-month trip for early this year (embracing Holland, England, France & Italy) when quite unexpectedly I received an invitation to exchange for a month on Vancouver Island, Canada! As you may imagine, this briefly threw me into turmoil but, because Canada has been on my "secret wish list" of destinations to visit for more than 30 years, I decided to accept and head off at the end of this month for that "opportunity of a lifetime" adventure! ...... and the UK/Europe trip? well, that's still on too (figured I may as well travel while I can still move around). Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing you continued joy as you embrace your new surroundings and friendships.


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